4 Reasons to install a field service toolbox

Field service toolboxes are a very useful addition to the vehicles of service providers. Not only is it a convenient way to carry tools from one job to another, it is also a reliable way to keep your tools safe. Read below for more on why you should install a field service toolbox:

Security Features
Carrying around a toolbox increases the chance of your tools going missing. The unfortunate truth is that theft is rife in our country and a loose toolbox is an easy target. Keep your tools safe in a built-in field service toolbox. The field service toolbox also has additional safety features. It is enclosed with top quality exterior and interior locks to ease your mind if your vehicle is parked in an area with no security.

A field service toolbox is useful for keeping your tools where they should be. You can use the draws and shelves in your toolbox as you please to arrange your tools in an order that suits your needs. Normal toolboxes often do not have the space or adequate compartmentalisation to make storing your tools an easy task.

Field service toolboxes are useful for storing tools and items that you wouldn’t usually have space for in an ordinary toolbox. Although it is called a field service ‘toolbox’ it is not limited to storing tools. They can be used to store protective gear, a first aid kit, an additional small toolbox and many other items. Use your field service toolbox space to your advantage.

Why would you want to lug around a heavy toolbox when you could have it attached to your vehicle? Transport your equipment from one place to another by simply climbing in your vehicle and driving there. There is no need to worry whether you have your toolbox in your boot if it’s attached to your vehicle. Install a useful, high quality field service toolbox to make your life easier.

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