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5 Crucial tools to have in your Field Service Toolbox

Every technician has a field service toolbox that accompanies them everywhere. They are working in the field and should keep their tools with them at all times in order to be prepared for the work they may encounter. There are a few crucial tools and accessories that you should add to your field service toolbox, if you don’t already have them.

1.A flashlight
This is a toolbox essential. You never know when your services may be required in dark spaces such as the roof or basement. There is also a chance that you may end up working at night, depending on your hours.

2.A range of screwdrivers
There are multiple screw heads that you may encounter while in the field. In order to prevent this from becoming a problem, you should keep a selection of screwdrivers in your toolkit.

3.A multi-tool
This little tool is a wonder for field workers. You may have everything you need in your field service toolbox, but a multitool makes carrying around 10 different tools an easy task. It’s not always easy to go and get the right tool out of your toolbox, but having a multi-tool allows you to keep a few tools on you.

4.A laser measure
This is an accessory that will save you time. A laser measure will give you quick and easy site measurements and speed up your service time. It is a must-have in your field service toolbox.

5.A quad spanner
Squad spanners are a useful addition to your field service toolbox if you don’t want to lug a socket set around. This spanner fits all 4 of the most commonly found sizes, making it the ideal tool.An adjustable spanner may be best suited to you.

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