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Benefits of wheel nut indicators

Following some intensive research and development, a wheel safety product has evolved – the wheel nut indicator. This prevents the expense of damage or accident, and offers prompt indication of any potential wheel detachment problems. It must now be considered an essential system for all companies who are serious about commercial vehicle safety.

Any vehicle can utilise wheel nut indicators – heavy and light vehicles, trailers and any towed equipment; commercial and domestic vehicles will benefit from their use. So whether you are a fleet manager within an industry, or you transport horses at the weekends, our wheel nut indicators can provide you with peace of mind for your journey. They alert the driver to any requirement for nuts to be tightened, and can help avoid serious damage and accidents that are caused by loose wheel nuts. You are not restricted by the number of studs either, as they fit all common stud configurations.

Other benefits

  • Reduce risk: The main benefit to using wheel nut indicators is the reduced risk of harm to workers, members of the public and other road users.
  • Time: It is quick to examine for changes to the wheel nuts, thus the pre-use walk time is dramatically reduced
  • Fleet efficiency: a reduction in the time taken for a driver to inspect the vehicle, means that the truck turnaround time is shortened too
  • Fleet quality: Wheel nut indicators help identify any maintenance issues before they escalate into greater structural problems, which ensures that your vehicles remain on the road, and in greater health: down time is significantly reduced
  • Brand reputation: the wheel nut indicator’s visibility provides a very firm and clear message that your business is proactive and passionate about safety and well-being of the staff, the public and other road users. There is a correlation between a company’s perceived professionalism and their vehicles’ road-worthiness.

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