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Items that can be found in first aid kits

First aid kits are essential in every aspect of life. Whether you are on a boat, in your car, hiking, mining or just working around your house, it is always necessary to have a first aid kit nearby. The following is a list of items that can be found in a first aid kit:

Gauze Pads

Gauze pads are used to dress the wound and are very useful as most other dressings would stick to a wound and cause discomfort and pain. The most common size is 4×4, but some first aid kits have sizes up to 8×10.


Splints take care of major injuries like broken bones by keeping the body part of concern straight and immobile. First aid kits have different size flints for every emergency. Finger splints are usually small and aluminium while leg splints are larger and are generally made of wood or plastic.


There should be an abundance of adhesive bandages of assorted sizes in the first aid kit. They are used to prevent minor cuts and burns from getting infected. Elastic bandages can also be found in a first aid kit. They are used to wrap injuries after they have been dressed.

Safety Pins

Safety pins come in handy when an elastic bandage needs to be fixed by holding a tear closed or when the bandage needs to be held in a suitable position.


Gloves are needed in a first aid kit in order to protect the injured person and the person helping them. They prevent the risk of spreading infections by touching bodily fluids. Gloves are also useful in emergency situations where improvisation is needed.

Antiseptic wipes

These are used to clean the wounds in order to stop the injured area from getting infected and potentially going gangrenous. The wipes kill germs and prepare the skin to be dressed. If the skin is not sanitised first, an infection will likely occur.

These are just a few items found in first aid kits. Different situations call for different items that could save you from any possible harm. Buying professionally packed first aid kits is the best option to ensure you have everything that you need.

Marven Equipment makes sure to stock both level 3 and level 7 first aid kits!

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