Mining Accessories that you can’t go without

Undoubtedly, mining is a dangerous profession. The question that always comes to mind is what the mining community can do to reduce the risks to employees in the field. The answer is a simple one; safety mining accessories and equipment plays a crucial role in mitigating the risk of personal injury when working in or around a mining operation. In the year 2010 alone, there were approximately 128 fatalities in or around mines in South Africa. While this figure has drastically decreased since 2013 when the tally reached a disturbing 270 incidents, the number is still much too high.

Most of the accidents that lead to deaths in the industry could easily be avoided with the use of the proper safety equipment and mining accessories, such as first aid kits. A first Aid kit is critical in any mining environment and of course the workers would need to be trained on how to administer first aid when a mishap occurs. A substantial number of fatalities could have been avoided using first aid equipment.


Hard hats, high visibility and fall protection equipment will also go a long way to lessen the risk to mine employees. A large percentage of fatalities involve heavy mining equipment; pedestrian strikes can be devastating when it involves mining equipment. Though it can be difficult to protect against the damage caused by strike from heavy machinery, employing high visibility clothing to prevent the strike is beneficial.


Fire extinguishers are a requirement in a mining environment. A large fire in a mine can be a serious threat. If not properly equipped, the consequences can be horrific. The hazardous nature and typical remoteness of mining operations makes extra vigilance in preventing and adequately preparing for fires a financial, legal and ethical necessity.

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