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Reasons you need a First Aid Kit in your Field Service Toolbox

There will be a time in your life when you wish you had a first aid kit close by. We hear stories frequently about people who get injured and didn’t have a first aid kit. We believe so strongly that it is imperative to have a first aid kit in your field service toolbox. In this blog we have listed some of the reasons why it’s time to invest in a first aid kit without delay!

1. Expeditious response
There is never a good time to get hurt but when help is out of reach, a first aid kit is your next best friend. When there’s nobody to help you, you can count on your first aid kit in your field service toolbox.

2. We only have so much blood
This sounds scary but true. If your injury involves blood-loss, you only have precious seconds to get the necessary supplies to stop the bleeding. Keeping a first aid kit can provide the extra time you need to seek help.

3. Liability
Nobody wants to think about being sued. Business operations are required by law to keep first aid supplies readily available when there is no first response within 10 minutes. Ensure your first aid kit is sufficiently stocked in your field service toolbox.

4. Accidents are unexpected
Being prepared can reduce panic and provide the necessary aid. Check your inventory regularly to ensure your first aid kit is ready to use when the unexpected occurs.

5. Time is of essence
A first aid kit is just that; “First Aid”. Having one ready offers temporary aid until you can get help. No kit means no immediate help. Precious time to respond can mean further injury, life or death.

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