Transporting people safely by using the NDLOVU Prime

The NDLOVU Prime is a sturdy structure – based on the NDLOVU external – built onto the back of utility vehicles such as land cruisers. These structures are in place as a safety precaution for employees working in dangerous environments, specifically those in the mining industry, though the NDLOVU Prime can be used in many other industries. Read about the NDLOVU Prime and how it is used for transporting people safely:


Weight tolerance

The NDLOVU Prime was created to protect individuals from any overhead weight. It is designed for miners that could potentially be exposed to dangerous situations such as tunnel collapses. The NDLOVU Prime can withstand up to 10 tons of horizontal and vertical weight, keeping miners or individuals from other industries protected from the weight of collapses.


Protective properties

Due to its origins stemming from the Ndlovu external, the NDLOVU Prime is made with a focus on strength and durability to form a protective layer over the top of the vehicle. Its strength is already represented in its ability to tolerate 10 tons of weight. The durability and reliability of the NDLOVU Prime can also be seen in the way it handles weight as well as its ability to protect the individuals in the vehicle, as well as the vehicle itself, from the dangers of high-speed rolls without undergoing too much damage itself.



The NDLOVU Prime can protect a large amount of people on the back of a utility vehicle, as well as the people inside the cab. The flatbed could hold up to 6 people safely – possibly even more. The individual driving, as well as the passenger of the cab are also protected due to an overhang of protective layering from the NDLOVU Prime that sits above the cab.

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