Optional Mining Accessories

What is actually required to go onto a mine?

In South Africa and all around the world, mine regulations are determined by the engineer that runs the mine . Depending on the amount of mine fatalities, where the mine is situated. These are the types of things an engineer will consider.

Mine safety products consist of, ROPS/FOPS, buggy whips, 3 x triangles, safe Mine, reflective tape and so much more!
It is vital to ensure that you comply with the health and safety standards associated with mining. Your company should be well aware of the mine regulations for the mine theyu going .
Staff training is also of the utmost importance, and employees should be kept updated with the latest training and technology trends. Staff should be continuously reminded of safety procedures and what is required to beon their vehicle while they on the mines .
Routine inspections and maintenance should be carried out on all mining equipment to ensure they are safety compliant, to minimize the risk of casualty or even death.

Mining safety equipment should be worn at all times when entering a mine, this includes a hard hat, steel toes boots, reflective jackets and more.

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