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Why do you need a buggy whip?

Buggy whips are used to increase visibility of conventional vehicles for drivers of larger vehicles. At a mining site, where normally there are several large industrial vehicles, commercial vehicles are easy for truck drivers to miss. Potentially causing serious damage or injury, or even death .

By increasing or enhancing the visibility of cars for industrial vehicle drivers, our buggy whips help you comply with occupational health and safety regulations and guidelines, and ensure smaller vehicles can be seen .

Marven Equipment’s buggy whips are designed to be fixed to the front nudge/bulbar of a vehicle and rise above the roof so they are visible to drivers in trucks, dozers and the like. This ensures that even if a car cannot be seen, industrial vehicle drivers are aware of its presence.

All our buggy whips are made from durable material, designed to withstand environmental exposure and weather damage.

We can make buggy whips to any length required, we offer a range of flag types, lights, all of which are designed to meet your unique requirements. If you are interested in ordering our safety buggy whips but are unsure what components to specify, we can provide advice and recommendations.

We pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable service and will be happy to work with you to find the perfect solution to your safety buggy whip needs.

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